Why Kung Fu Sophie?

A long time ago, when Sophie had just begun playing live for human audiences, her friend and fellow singer-songwriter Neil Greene suggested she create a stage name. Leery of this earthling idea, Sophie was stumped. One night shortly thereafter, Neil announced at his birthday party: "We need to think of a stage name for you, man."....the crowd quieted and a pause ensued. Then he busted out with "I got it: 'Kung Fu Sophie' because your songs kick ass, man!" The crowd erupted in laughter. Sophie was not keen on the idea. However, one party goer of the evening took the name and ran with it...to the printing press. Twice. Dylan Riley, once the contributing writer of Scene and Heard - a fun blurb about local music in the alternative newspaper - listed Sophie as Kung Fu Sophie for two of her upcoming performances. Defiant of taking on that name, she introduced herself at those performances as "The Artist Formerly Known as Kung Fu Sophie"...some people caught on, others were like, "Huh?" For several years afterwords she stuck to just Sophie. Then after an Oh-What-The-Hell-Sophie-By-Itself-Isn't-Cutting-It moment, she officially adapted the stage name Kung Fu Sophie. After all, traditionally, Kung Fu essentially means discipline. According to Wikipedia:

"Kung fu/Kungfu or Gung fu/Gongfu is a Chinese term referring to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete. In its original meaning, kung fu can refer to any discipline or skill achieved through hard work and practice, not necessarily martial arts. The Chinese literal equivalent of "Chinese martial art" would be 中国武术 zhōngguó wǔshù.[1]" - Wikipedia