Original Music Gifts!™

Watch the funny "infomercial" that we had a blast making and check out order details and testimonials below. 2013 marks the 3rd anniversary of offering this special gift idea - a personalized original music video, recorded live specifically for your Valentine.


*Very special thank you to Luminescent Pictures LLC for help in making this "Infomercial"!

"Hilarious 'infomercial'. And a totally rockin' product....I have been a special recipient of my own OMG VVS in the past and I hope that I get another one this year." -Malynda C.

"Kung Fu Sophie's OMG VVS is the best gift that money can buy for your sweetie for Valentine's day! I have given one in the past and my wife totally loved it" -Dave C.

Email: sophie@sophiesongs.com now to place your order:


      (1) Pick an original Kung Fu Sophie song - Listen to song samples below.

      (2) Name your Valentine - Dedicate the performance to whomever - your sweetheart, yourself, your pet, houseplant, etc.
      (3) Write your brief message - Example: "To my lovely houseplant, Spidy. Love, Shnookums"
      (4) Request more personalization, if desired. If your sweetie likes monkeys or plants...I have a plushy monkey, hedgehogs, houseplants galore, and other props which can be strategically placed in the frame. Just ask!
      (5) Kung Fu Sophie will perform the song live and video record it.
      (6) A private YouTube link will be emailed to you on or before Valentine's Day.

      E-mail Sophie to place your order:  sophie@sophiesongs.com. Please put "Valentine order" in subject line. Thank you! ♥

      Deadline: this Friday,  February 8th, 2013. Payment is due before production begins. Pay Pal or check - we can discuss via email.

      Coming soon: OMG Birthday Video Serenades™ and OMG Anniversary Serenades™, and more! Stay tuned!



      Pick any Kung Fu Sophie song you like. Here are some love song suggestions: